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Need free legal advice?

Access Pro Bono offers a free legal advice clinic over the phone to people detained under the Mental Health Act. 

Lawyers volunteering with the Mental Health Program Telephone Clinic provide up to 30 minutes legal advice over the phone on the following topics: 

  • What it means to be certified under the Mental Health Act. 
  • Right to a second opinion. 
  • How to apply for a review panel. 
  • Legal test and procedure at review panel hearings. 
  • Consequences of cancelling vs. postponing a hearing. 
  • How to prepare for a hearing.
  • To book an appointment, please call (+1) 604.482.3195 EXT. 1500.
  • Please note that the volunteers answering this line are not lawyers and cannot provide legal advice over the phone. They simply assist with the booking process.

When you call 604.482.3195 ext. 1500, if no one picks up, please leave a voicemail indicating the following information: 

  • Your Name.
  • That you wish to book an appointment with the MHP Telephone Clinic.
  • How we can reach you (e.g. your phone number or the name of the facility and ward). 

A lawyer will call you back on the day and time of your clinic and advise you on your rights under the Mental Health Act.